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For a sustainable next generation

Has our planet become humanity’s patient? It’s no coincidence that I think a lot about what is happening on our planet, where fires, floods and pandemics are a mirror image of everyday life.

Just like for the rest of society, 2020 was a year like no other for Woodsafe because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our top priority during the pandemic was, and continues to be, the safety and security of our employees and loved ones, as well as our partners, hauliers and local contractors who at times have had to perform maintenance to keep our operations up and running.

Woodsafe has a great responsibility to limit the spread of infection. Decisions based on restrictions, limitations and visiting bans were taken early on that reflect our day- to-day lives since February 2020. It’s been tough – andit still is – but our determination has paid off. We have successfully emerged from Covid-19, and our healthy employees have been able to continue to produce fire-retardant treated wood at a faster pace throughout the year. When I look back at 2020, I am pleased that Woodsafe broke records in both volume and sales of SEK 78 million (SEK 3.39 million per employee).

At the time of writing, we are experiencing the greatest demand for our services in the company’s 30-year history. This is proof that Woodsafe has an indisputable place in the construction industry in Scandinavia and Europe. As a business leader, I have never been afraid to take risks and make investments. My colleagues have been there for each other during these stressful times, and together we intend to take charge and invest in our future in terms of workplace health and safety, capacity, efficiency and resource efficiency. In 2020, we continued our investments and completed Västmanland’s biggest solar installation on the roof of our factory in line with our long-term strategy of becoming self-sufficient in electricity and Europe’s first carbon-neutral, fire-retardant treatment plant. When I look at the business’s key performance indicators, we have done amazingly well in increasing production while reducing resource extraction and our climate footprint for all strategic goals.

Of course, we can still improve – and we will. I remain unwavering in my belief that wood will be the building material of choice in the future, and fire-retardant treatment the natural choice for fire protection. Despite the pressures we are living under at the moment, we will continue to give everything we’ve got to enable the construction industry to meet the requirements for fire performance and the use of sustainable products and product properties. Woodsafe is now approaching 2021- 2022, which is sure to be the company’s most eventful year ever. We are currently seeing an increased demand for our services and expertise from more and more countries and continents.

Thomas Bengtsson
CEO and founder of Woodsafe Timber Protection

Woodsafes Sustainability work explained

Woodsafe Sustainability Report 2020

You can flip through the entire Woodsafes Sustainability Report for 2020 below, or click on this link to download it as pdf:

Woodsafe Sustainability Report 2020 (35.3 MB)

Our five focus areas



–We work with wood, a renewable raw material that captures and stores carbon dioxide. But wood must also be sourced from sustainable forestry so as not to threaten biodiversity. Our clients own the wood, and through close cooperation and dialogue we ensure that the wood raw material is sourced from responsibly managed forests.




–We always strive to reduce the amount of waste we generate by taking actions like optimising production to minimise waste and regularly reviewing how we pack the wood for transport. The waste that still remains must be sorted and become part of a circular flow.




–Our production requires energy, and 100 percent of it should come from clean and renewable sources. Thanks to our solar installation, we are self-sufficient on an annual basis and sell our surplus electricity to the power grid, including a guarantee of origin, via supplier Mälarenergi’s electricity marketplace.




–Woodsafe aims to be a safe and secure workplace, and has a zero accident vision. We protect our employees and help them achieve a healthy work-life balance.




–Woodsafe helps to make homes and workplaces built in wood safe, and has a great responsibility to ensure that people’s surroundings are health-promoting and safe.


Our sustainability goals

  • Certified wood

    –Our goal for 2025 is for all our stakeholders to have sourced their wood raw materials from sustainable forestry and be certified under FSC, PEFC or SFI (100 percent or mix).

  • Workplace health and safety

    –Our goal for 2025 is to have eliminated all repeated heavy lifting in the business and to have had a three-year period without accidents requiring medical attention. By 2023, our goal is to become certified to ISO 45001:2018, the standard for occupational health and safety.

  • Climate emissions and transport

    –Our goal for 2022 is to have clarified a baseline for the company’s carbon emissions within scopes 1, 2 and 3*. The baseline must show direct emissions in production as well as indirect emissions and emissions from transport. Our long-term goal is to achieve climate neutrality in all three scopes by 2030.

The year in brief


million in sales


percent increase in production volume


unique projects


million in investments


percent increase in export projects


worksite incidents

Project highlights

World Expo Dubai 2020

World Expo is one of the oldest and biggest events anywhere in the world. Every five years, a city takes its turn to host the event, which takes place over the course of six months. Every country in the world is invited to showcase the best of what they have to offer. Woodsafe was commissioned by Sweden’s World Expo committee to impregnate all the wood in the Swedish pavilion.


The World Heritage City of Karlskrona is where the forest meets the sea.The city is built on islands in the middle of the Blekinge archipelago. On one of these islands, tucked up close to Saltö Bridge, about 40 new apartments with generous sea views in multiple directions are being built. The result will be three unique buildings in wood that borrow details from Karlskrona’s landmarks while forming a new public space with green slopes leading down to the water. The facade is made from cedar shavings colour-treated in red, black and silver-grey hues, impregnated with Woodsafe Exterior WFX.


The new secondary school in Arvika for 900 students. The school building is made completely in wood and fits in nicely with its surroundings and Arvika’s small scale.The building interprets the educational vision and reflects a school that feels cosy, safe and accessible despite its small size. Simply put, a sustainable school for everyone created entirely in wood. The facade cladding consists of heat-treated pine with nuances of harmonious green colours, impregnated with Woodsafe Exterior WFX.


The world’s biggest wooden house project in a city centre. The project includes four buildings in two blocks, with a total of 234 apartments and 8 retail spaces. Cederhusen will be built using a solid timber frame (7,300 m3) except for the two lower floors, which will be in concrete in order to achieve correct load distribu- tion relative to the ground conditions. The project’s four towers, 10-13 storeys high, form a broad front facing the south towards Norra Stationsparken. The wood facade is made from colour-treated cedar shingles in yellow and red that are impregnated with Woodsafe Exterior WFX.