About us


Woodsafe Timber Protection's expertise in flame retardant wood is an important part of the construction industry.

Woodsafe Timber Protection is considered one of the leading manufacturers with an impressive certification list of certified performances and hundreds of inspiring projects across Europe, including the world's largest oak roof at Gardermoens PirNord and the world's tallest wooden house in Norway.

In our rear mirror, we can see 30 years of technology development, products and the construction of today's high functioning network of premium partners which all comes together to help you, the customer, with an ALL-IN-ONE concept. Our business consists exclusively of contractual impregnation of wood in our own premises, using our unique impregnation plant specially designed for fire impregnation. Woodsafe is a qualified and certified manufacturer according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CPR Construction Products Regulation 305/2011, the Planning and Building Act (SFS 2010:900) through the requirements of the BBR and others.

It all starts with an idea

Your Challenge

When the client and you as the architect are determined to use wood, the following question will be raised: How do we comply with fire protection requirements according to current building regulations? Answers as to which requirements apply, appropriate methodology, interpretation of documentation, help with selection of fire protection products are not always easy to assess.

We Help You

Don't despair, by contacting Woodsafe and in consultation with our premium partners, you can feel reassured asking questions about wood, quality, fire-specific requirements and choice of fire protection or fireproofing methods. Our skills are knowledge, not praise. The contact network of premium partners that takes care of you is Sweden's leading competence in flame retardant wood and wood quality.


Our Solution

Once you have decided to collaborate with the Woodsafe ALL-IN-ONE team, we will help you to resolve fireproofing issues, and making choices about woodwork and wood quality will be so much easier than you ever thought possible. Welcome to Team Woodsafe.