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on 07 Feb 2020 1:40 PM

Woodsafe Exterior WFX fire-impregnated wood meets the test standard for long-term durable properties - named EN16755 EXT. This means that the product's properties are tested, approved and certified by RISE (No.0402) in accordance with the test method assessment criteria and underlying sub-tests.

The approval is a quality stamp that makes the product extra attractive.

Building in wood is very popular right now. This results in a strong demand for wood that meets the applicable requirements of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (BBR) such as SP-Fire 105 or Euroclass B - requirements that must be met to ensure safe construction.

The use of fire protection treated wood in an exterior environment, for example as wooden facades, means that it is exposed daily to the weather. If the properties of the fire protection cannot withstand the stress, it is leached from the wood. Thus, the protective properties also disappear.

This is avoided with Woodsafe Exterior WFX, which provides a permanent fire protection - completely without requirement for surface treatment. This is guaranteed by test method EN16755 EXT (Durability of Fire Performance)

Woodsafe Exterior WFX is very well suited for woods such as cedar, thermowood fir and pine, frake, douglas fir, accoya, nobelwood and more, where a natural aging is desired.


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For more information: Thomas Bengtsson, CEO, +46 10-206 72 31