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on 01 Jul 2019 10:00 AM

Now we start the work for a substantial increase in knowledge! After the summer we are launching a website where we provide objective information about fire-protected wood to remedy the confusion that often prevails. We also start a series of events around Sweden to raise awareness of fire-protected wood.

Now, we at Woodsafe take a firm grip on raising the level of knowledge about fire-protected wood. The reason is simple. We have for a long time noticed that there is a confusion about what really applies to fire-protected wood. Particularly serious is when rogue operators spread information that is not reality-based and is often a pure lie. At the same time, interest in wood and how to fire proof a building increases.

Therefore, we start a necessary knowledge lift. We want to, in an honest way, make the construction industry aware and provide knowledge injections to increase understanding of how important it is to do right from the start throughout the construction chain, from procurement and decisions to assembly at the construction site. All so that you as a downstream user will be safe in your project.

The knowledge lift takes place in several ways. We will visit several places around Sweden to hold a number of events and meetings where we provide new insights that open up for discussions for anyone who comes in contact with fire-protected wood, regardless of industry, private or public.

We gather all important information about fire-protected wood on a completely new and information-packed website,, which is launched after the summer. There you can easily search for valuable information that you need to examine a specification or satisfy your curiosity. In a smart way, you can search in a large amount of content where the result is presented in a clear and educational way. An important tool in your daily job. On the website you can also book yourself at an event near you.

Everything to help you make better and knowledge-based decisions while at the same time wanting to remedy the confusion of concepts that prevails. Look for!