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KPIs - Absences - Incidents - Workplace injuries

Worksite incidents 0

In 2020, there were no serious worksite accidents or serious incidents. We put safety high on our agenda and work proactively to avoid worksite incidents.

Near misses 4

In 2020, 4 near misses were reported.Near misses can involve anything from minor crushing injuries, sprains and more, as well as near misses during timber and forklift handling. These four near misses were identified as incidents of a milder nature, such as a blow to the finger or a wrist sprain. Medical care or sick leave has not been necessary.

Heavy lifting -90%

2020 reflects investments in workplace health and safety and in streamlining using vacuum lifts. As a result of this investment, we have eliminated more than 90 percent of the heavy lifting needed for wood panels. However, we negatively view the fact that sheet material still entails heavy lifting. These issues will be rectified by 2024.

Sick leaves <2%

020 has no connection to long-term sick leave. Because Covid-19 caused extensive absences, sick leave has not been reviewed down to a detailed level. Sick leave <2 percent based on absence statistics without considering Covid-19.


Woodsafe has zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimisation, as communicated in our policy against victimisation and anti-harassment policies based on gender and sexual orientation. To promote gender equality, Woodsafe has both a gender equality plan and a gender equality policy. The gender equality plan serves as support and guidance for managers and employees in their gender equality efforts and is meant to be part of the company’s workplace health and safety efforts. The gender equality policy summarises the measures that Woodsafe should strive for to be perceived as an attractive, forward-looking workplace for both women and men. Woodsafe currently employs twenty men and two women, but works continuously to make this more gender-balanced.

–In 2020, there were no reports related to the following policies and regulations.


Our policies and regulations include: