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Woodsafe approvals



RISE | Type approval

Type approval is granted to a product that meets a minimum set of regulatory and technical requirements. Generally, type approval is required before a product is allowed to be sold in a particular country, so the requirements for a given product will vary around the world. Compliance to type approval requirements is always made by third-party notified body.
Woodsafe type approval reference is: TG0263-08.

RISE | Certificate of Constancy of Performance

Certificate of conformity is granted to a product that meets the relevant harmonized products standard. This is a regulation that must be in place before put the product in market and for use the product.
Woodsafe CE-reference is: 0402-CPR-SC0243-09, 0402-CPR-SC0268-09, 0402-CPR-SC0260-15

WPA | Benchmark Approved Treater

The WPA Benchmark Approved Treater (FR) scheme for wood-based materials relates to the factory process used to apply FR formulations.

Where a flame retardant is added during the manufacturing process for MDF, OSB or plywood then that process should be subject to factory production control (accredited by a notified body). The product should carry the CE mark and be accompanied by a valid Declaration of Performance when it leaves the factory.

Where the product is factory FR treated after manufacture (solid wood, some plywood) by a service treater, that company must also operate factory production controls which have been accredited by a notified body, alongside those of the company placing the product on the market, so as to maintain full traceability.

Woodsafe WPA Benchmark reference is: FR-201901

TDCA | CladMark accredited

The CladMark quality assurance scheme is operated by the Timber Decking and Cladding Association. This accreditation provides credible, independent third-party evidence of quality, fit for purpose products by assuring the manufacturer’s compliance with good practice and quality management systems. Read more here:

Woodsafe TDCA CladMark Registered Firm no reference is: 1201

RISE | 9001:2015Quality management system

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems — Requirements is a document of approximately 30 pages available from the national standards organization in each country. Only ISO 9001 is directly audited against for third-party assessment purposes.Contents of ISO 9001:2015 are as follows:

Woodsafe ISO 9001:2015 reference is: 5829

RISE | 14001:2015

ISO 14001 defines criteria for an EMS. It does not state requirements for environmental performance but rather maps out a framework that a company or organization can follow to set up an effective EMS. It can be used by any organization that wants to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and reduce costs. Using ISO 14001 can provide assurance to.

Woodsafe ISO 14001:2015 reference is: 5829 M