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BS-EN16755 (Utility class) foreword changed following criticism by CEN

BSI (British Standards Institution), the UK's national standardization body, has previously applied special writing in the foreword to BS-EN16755 (Note1) which enabled important assessment parameters not to be assessed for approval of utility class. This has been strongly criticized by CEN, the European Committee for Standardization. CEN is an association that brings together the national standardization bodies in 34 European countries.

The criticism from CEN against BSI has led to BSI now canceling the previous foreword to BS-EN16755 Durability of reaction to fire performance. In plain text, the withdrawal of the foreword (Note 1) means that certificates issued from, for example, Warrington in the UK do not comply with revised edition BS-EN16755 (2022-10-19), and are thus invalid to apply.

Utility class