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Woodsafe Timber Protection durable factory in Västerås has been completely built up and adapted for fire protection impregnation and drying, of both large and small batches including a large variety of wood types. We do not use any fossil fuels in our value chain, we only use fuels that are 100% CO2 neutral, and we recharge and produce the electricity from our own solar power plant.

Technology that guarantees quality and long-lasting performance against fire

Over the years, profits have been reinvested in the company to meet our stakeholders' expectations for delivery capacity and efficiency, resulting in us being equipped in 2023 for capacity around 1000m3 p. week. Our production reflects traceability and quality assurance throughout the chain via WQS (Woodsafe Quality System 2.0) which is included in third-party manufacturing control by the Wood Protection Association (WPA) in Great Britain, RISE in Sweden and Tretekniskt Institutt in Norway.

Our resources around the entire value chain are specially adapted and developed to reach maximum capacity, efficiency and safety for employees as well as protective measures for land and water.

Some talk about biodegradable. We prefer talk long term function without leaching.

Sustainable products are important, of course. But it doesn't help if a supposedly green product leaks and is produced in a factory powered by fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. 
Woodsafe Timber Protection's long-term environmental work to reduce our footprint is extensive and we do not stop, we know we can always improve. Some of the efforts we have made worth mentioning are that all lighting has been replaced with LED, engines and ventilation have been replaced with new resource-efficient ones, we recycle wood fuel, water, waste, plastic and more. All for a sustainable future.
  • 2 process-controlled autoclaves (2x13 m, 2.5x8 m)
  • 960 m2 acclimatization room
  • 430 m3 loading zone
  • 2x105 m3 KDAT fixing dryer
  • 1x160 m3 KDAT fixing dryer
  • 2x25 m3 KDAT fixing
  • 7,900 m2 production premises
  • 15,000 m2 delivery plan
  • 72.000 m2 of expansion land
  • 960 m2 office with conference room for 24 people
  • 2x500 kW biofuel plant
  • 498 kWp solar power plant capacity
  • 7 electric forklifts (8t, 5t, 4.5t, 3.5t, 2.5t, 2t, 1.5t)
  • 1 pc 12t fossil-powered loader (2022 year model)

See our film about sustainability

Telling about our sustainability work is not so easy, and probably not as inspiring compared to watching our sustainability film from the factory.

Here we show and explain parts of our proactive work, to meet society's demands and our contribution to Agenda 2030.