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Business policy

Work environment, environment & quality

Woodsafe Timber Protection AB is one of Europe's largest producers of fire-impregnated wood products. The business is run in-house and the facility is located in Västerås, Sweden.

Our business shall be characterized by a safe and good working environment with active sustainability work, with the goal of reducing the business's impact on the environment, stakeholders and employees. As well as keeping a clear focus on being helpful for our partners and customers to sustainable business.

Our work with continuous improvements for working environment, environment and quality means:

  • Close dialogue with our employees for continuous improvements in the working environment and working conditions.
  • Close dialogue with stakeholders in the work to reduce waste and development of new products' load.
  • Continuous development of internal quality systems and ISO 9001:2015.
  • Transparent and recurring sustainability reporting of our operations.


Conducting our business in a respectful and exemplary manner that shows the way for a sustainable workplace

We will:

  • Consider and prevent, and regularly follow up work environment-, environmental- and quality aspects in all processes and activities.
  • Provide facts and documentation about the work environment-, environment- and quality work to stakeholders and be open to their points of view.
  • Continuously follow up and ensure that the business develops within the framework of this policy.
  • Comply with the laws, regulations, requirements and expectations of authorities, customers, owners and other stakeholders affected by the company.
  • With the help of clear goals, conduct work environment-, environmental- and quality work that strives for continuous improvement.
  • Have a high awareness of these issues throughout the organization so that work can be carried out in a responsible, safe and efficient manner.

Environmental policy & sustainable transition

Our environmental work is based on fulfilling the environmental requirements that authorities and customers place on us.

To the greatest extent possible, we shall prioritize the environmentally friendly choice of resources, such as electricity and biofuel heating. The company has made an active choice to choose environmentally friendly electricity such as water and wind power.

In the adjacent list, you can see what our work with continuous improvement and pollution prevention means.

  • When developing the impregnation method, the energy consumption of the processes is taken into account.
  • The amount of waste must be limited as far as possible and the remaining waste sorted and, if possible, reused.
  • When choosing an energy source, we must choose wind and hydropower.
  • We shall strive to become self-sufficient in electricity via solar energy installation on our own roof surfaces on an annual basis.

We expect each employee to:

  • Actively participates in security work.
  • Takes part in, understands and performs the work according to the environmental requirements of one's own workplace.
  • Ensures that we live up to the customer's requirements and expectations.
  • Actively contributes to continuous improvement.