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We are facing change

The way we think about the future is changing at lightning speed. Climate change, the environment and sustainability are top of mind for all industries, especially construction and transport. All these changes are creating greater demands for transparency and a transition to sustainable production for us as a company.

1. Specialisation -->

We will become even better at what we do by focusing on our core business – processing wood and creating new system solutions for creative construction with wood.

--> 4 years

Within this timeframe, we should have a minimum of 150 approval variations for our certificates for wood, system solutions and construction.

2. Business mindset -->

We will enhance business relationships with global players in the footsteps of our technology. The profitability of all our service centres requires the dedication and know-how of each employee and every decision.

--> 8 years

Within this timeframe, we will build up demand in the country where our global partner believes we should have a presence. Although we won’t promise that everything will come up roses, we will build a market in a professional way based on factual knowledge.

3. Efficiencies -->

We will achieve operational efficiency – cost effectiveness and higher quality – through routine, efficient methods and process- es with optimal time and resource utilisation.

--> 5 years

Within this timeframe, we will know whether we need to streamline our processes in order to enter new global markets while in parallel maintaining our leading position in the Scandinavian market.

4. Customer value-add -->

We will spread knowledge and help the customer to understand fire safety for wood products, and offer improved service to our partners so that our stakeholders experience Woodsafe as a stable partner and a sound, professional business.

--> 7 years

Within this timeframe, we will share our knowledge and participate in the media and public debates to promote increased confidence in fire-retardant treated wood.


A platform for fire-retardant treated wood.

Sustainable fire protection needs sustainable documentation
“The right product in the right place.” This is an old saying that still rings true today. But we would like to add that the right documentation for the application is equally as important, if not more so. There are reams of documentation used in workplaces where the interpretation of performance is misjudged, or not understood at all.

One solution is the Brandskyddsforum initiative, run by Woodsafe, which aims to gather relevant information on a platform for fire-retardant treated wood for downstream users in the industry. Another purposeis knowledge outreach, through organising events in different parts of the country that can raise awareness, spark discussions and disseminate knowledge.

Broad knowledge base
Our organisation is relatively small and lean, but together with our talented partners trained from our 30 years of experience we can offer a broad knowledge base and expertise.

Our long-term strategic goal of knowledge outreach:

Link to Forum Brandskyddat Trä |