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Contact and financial information

Our fire protection factory

The fire protection factory in Västerås has been completely built up and adapted for fire protection impregnation and drying, of both large and small batches including a large variety of wood types. We do not sell wood. We carry out impregnation for our partners who deliver all over Europe and parts of the world.


Postal address
Woodsafe Timber Protection AB
Hubbo-Jädra 3-7
725 95 Västerås

Invoice address
You can find information on invoice address here.

Visit us here



Contact us

Telephone exchange:  
+46 (0) 10 206 72 30

Customer service: 



Technical support, product questions:


Contact persons

Thomas Bengtsson

CEO, Owner


Stefan Hedqvist

Production manager, customer relations, support 

+46 (0) 10 206 72 32 

Peter Johnson

Product manager, technical support

+46 (0) 10 206 72 37 

Daniel Pesíc

Head of Communications

+46 (0) 10 206 72 34 


  • Sala Sparbank
  • Bankgiro 599-0619
  • IBAN: SE18 8000 0828 4200 4660 8196

Financial information:

  • Turnover: 93MSEK (77MSEK)

  • Quick ratio: 211% (282%) 

  • Equity/asset ratio: 58,4% (67,8%) 

  • EBITDA: 38MSEK (34MSEK) 

  • 25 employees

  • 100% privately owned


Thomas Bengtsson

Founder & Owner

Woodsafe Timber Protection AB was founded by Thomas Bengtsson in 2002 through a merger with Svensk Flamskyddsteknik (1990). The company is 100% owned by Thomas Bengtsson, based in Västerås, Sweden.

Multi-year comparison

The amounts in Multi-year comparison are shown in KSEK
2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Turnover 117 490 93 474 77 386 68 565 58 792 45 045
Profit after financial items 47 912 32 590 27 009 22 079 24 604 15 298
Equity/asset ratio (%) 58,3 58,4 67,8 66,0 53,7 57,6

Alternatives for sending invoices:

We want to receive electronic invoices firstly, PDF invoices secondly.

  1. Electronic invoice/PEPPOL
    • Our electronic identifier (organization number) for electronic invoices is: 5566305321
    • For those of you who send electronic invoices via the European standard PEPPOL, the following PEPPOL ID must be used: 0007:5566305321
    • VAN-operator:
  1. PDF invoice
    If you can save invoices as PDF files from your business system, send them to the email address below. Important! Send one invoice per PDF file. Scanned PDFs are not accepted.
    wt.invoice (at)

f you need help or have questions regarding electronic invoicing or if you can not send invoices according to any of the above electronic alternatives, you need to contact our contract partner Scancloud AB by sending an email to:

Technical questions are referred to Scancloud Support by email:

Invoice requirements:

  • The invoice recipient's full name and address, i.e. Woodsafe Timber Protection AB
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice number
  • Payment terms (30 days unless otherwise agreed in advance)
  • Clear specification of what the invoice refers to (goods, services, etc.)
  • In the address field Reference, the department must be specified, e.g. new construction, truck repair, website etc. Contact Woodsafe for this task
  • Invoice amount
  • The invoice's VAT amount and current VAT rate
  • F-tax
  • VAT registration number
  • Supplier's organization number
  • Payment information: Bankgiro/Plusgiro/any bank account number
  • Supplier information: name, address, telephone number and email address

Interest or other costs based on shortcomings of the above criterias are not accepted. Payment reminders are always handled. 

If the above criterias are not met, any reminder fees will not be accepted.