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About us

1990, the year it all started

Since its foundation in 1990, Woodsafe Timber Protection AB has worked on fire prevention as if life depended on it. And it does.

In our day-to-day business, which has grown over decades with our partners, customers' trust and employees' commitment, we are today the market-leading industrial manufacturer of fire-impregnated wood products. Since 2015, through strategic long-term goals, we have expanded our resources every year and, with proactive efforts, increased our quality and professional support to players in the construction and wood industries.

Our guiding principle is Durable Fire Protection, which reflects 1: credible and sustainable documentation, 2: sustainable fire properties, 3: sustainable production with minimal CO2 climate footprint, 4: sustainable and safe workplace with Swedish values for equality and human well-being in focus.

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Aim at the European market

Annually, Woodsafe Timber Protection AB handles more than 1,200 unique projects. With Scandinavia as our main market, we are gradually strengthening our presence on the European market.

As a lego brand impregnation manufacturer , we have a great responsibility to fulfill our stakeholders' expectations and demands for quality, delivery reliability and sustainability work. In a careful selection of partners, we communicate requirements that raw materials for lego fire impregnation come from responsibly managed forests with sustainable transport.

Let´s talk Woodsafe

Let us quickly tell you about Woodsafe Timber Protection AB, which for over 30 years has focused on developing the most Durable Fire Protection on the market.