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Let us clarify the demands made on you as a developer when using wood

First and foremost, you must make demands and ensure that the contractor complies with the legal requirements imposed on the fire product's fire performance. Wood materials to be used as facade cladding or indoors as wall or roofing etc. are subject to higher fire requirements than the natural performance of the wood.

The fire class requirement varies depending on the application, but the product performance must always be documented on the basis of third party certification e.g. approval certificate or CE certification with associated manufacturing control as flame retardant wood is covered by the AVCP system 1 control system.

A common pitfall is that the manufacturer/supplier/distributor sells wood that has been verified only through the classification declaration with performance declaration based on self-declaration in system 4, not system 1. The product is therefore incorrectly declared and poses major problems in final inspection.

Responsibilities as developer & manager

As a developer, you are ultimately responsible if the contractor fails to comply with the rules of the game to use certified products, as you are the developer who will hand over the proper documentation and certificate at the end of the survey to obtain final proof from the building board and thus gain access to the building.

Although there are developers who will argue that "it is the contractor's responsibility to resolve the situation if it turns out that the product is incorrectly documented", we certainly believe that you as a developer will not be particularly happy if it turns out that your tenants cannot move in to their homes, or that the companies that were going to open their business in the shopping centre cannot do so, because the entrepreneur, the developer used products that are not certified and thus need to be replaced before access can be granted. As a builder and manager of the construction site, you are ultimately responsible for the building's fire protection, and in the long run the operator who will have to deal with maintenance costs.

Choosing wood panels with incorrect documentation can be very expensive, and choosing wood panels treated regardless of method (impregnation/paint) without durable properties is a very poor investment and complete waste of money.


The only way for you as a developer and trustee to feel safe is to demand performance declaration, CE-marked and type-approved products with stated fire resistant properties. 

If you feel unsure or simply want expert support, contact us for a professional response and expert information about the options that best suit your project.

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