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Global trends

Sweden faces major challenges

Climate change is without a doubt the biggest issue of destiny of our time. Society cannot continue to waste the earth's resources, we must do everything together to replace fossil fuels and materials with a negative climate footprint with renewable alternatives such as wood.

Woodsafe Timber Protection AB, as a service link between the client and the forest industry, contributes to giving clients the opportunity to use wood in construction works where the wood's own fire properties are not sufficient to meet society's requirements against fire.

The potential is realized when stakeholders choose our products over fossil building materials. Our guiding star reflects commitment and purposeful decisions for efficiency and change within the entire value chain.

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Global trends focus on the forest

In 2050, 70 percent of the world's population is estimated to live in cities. This is an assumption that the UN agency UN-Habitat is based on in the vision "better quality of life for everyone in an urbanizing world". Therefore, it is important to look after the whole society, and give the countryside the conditions needed for a living countryside. The increased pressure on housing, energy, food supply and public transport will affect the well-being of the planet. The forest's products can solve the urban challenges in a climate-friendly way through, for example, climate-smart construction of housing, and increased development of environmentally friendly and sustainable food and drink packaging for people on the go.

Building with wood

The global drive to build with wood is strong, more buildings are to be built with wood. This is the global trend. The forest industry cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that sustainable forestry, carefully managed with biological diversity, is a must. If wood construction is to continue at the same or increased rate, the industry must show the respect nature deserves. Only then can construction Sweden stand up for sustainable social development where the forest's resources are taken care of.

The climate crisis

The climate crisis and circular economy drive the sustainability agenda on several fronts, and where the UN's global goals to combat climate change, the Paris Agreement and society's increased awareness of the climate drive the development towards a carbon-neutral society. The goal for a sustainable economy in the EU is, among other things, zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. That's why we need help to act now. Scarcity of natural resources and historically linear economy mean that we must act forcefully.

Health and Safety

Studies from Canada, among others, have examined how wood affects us humans in workplaces, schools and in public buildings. The result shows that an environment with exposed wood improves the experience and the mental health of the people staying in the premises. One has been able to see, among other things, that it reduces stress and counteracts burnout. This is one of the reasons why wood has started to be used in healthcare and in critical care rooms.

This is how Woodsafe Timber Protection AB contributes:

  • Industrial vacuum pressure process
  • Manufacturing control by RISE
  • Type approval certificate
  • CE certification
  • Quality and management system ISO 9001
  • Environmental management system ISO 14001
  • Third-party control of RISE
  • Third party control by WPA (UK)
  • Third-party control by Treteknisk (NO)
  • Fire engineering requirements, e.g. SP FIRE 105