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Woodsafe Timber Protection AB - The year 2021 in brief

Important events in 2021

The year 2021 reflects increased sales and an internal focus on efficiency, digitization and research and development. Our profitability strengthened, the climate footprint decreased and key figures developed in the right direction.

Among the most important events can be mentioned:

  • WOODSAFE® Academy is an initiative from Woodsafe Timber Protection AB with the aim of acting as a knowledge bridge in fire-protected wood
  • Covid-19 continues to reflect vulnerability and risks in our daily operations. For employees and suppliers, a variety of protective measures have been introduced to reduce our vulnerability
  • The demand to build with wood continues unabated across Europe
  • In digitization, we have taken great strides forward
  • Our systematic efficiency and improvement work to reach a stable production without heavy lifting, has produced fantastic results
  • Increased drying capacity will mean doubling our capacity. In 2021, an order has been placed for a stainless steel specially adapted dryer, optimized for our processes
  • Sustainable workforce
  • By acquiring neighboring property, land is secured for future investments

Selected key figures

Saved CO2 emissions | Output -95, 807kg

Saved CO2

Customer survey

Customer survey

Accident frequency employees & contractors


Electricity, 2017-2021 | Outcome -36%

Electricity volume based

Electricity | Outcome -31%

Electricity improved efficiency

Delivery accuracy

Delivery accuraccy

Pellet outlet | Outcome -0,17% (2020-2021)

Pellets usage finished product

Pellet outlet | Outcome -15% (2018-2021)

Pellets volume based


Our responsibility in the value chain

Here you can see the various steps in the value chain, as well as how Woodsafe Timber Protection AB can contribute to making each step as climate-smart as possible.

We constantly work to review and, if possible, improve each step and place greater demands on our partners, in order to contribute to improved sustainability throughout the chain.

01. Business partner
  • High demands on suppliers to enter into a collaboration with an extensive process for supplier evaluation and follow-up.
  • Close dialogue and cooperation to achieve goals regarding human climate goals, rights and working environment.
  • Forest raw materials must come from sustainable forestry and new trees must be planted, which, when they start to grow, bind carbon dioxide again.
02. Sustainable forest raw material & biological diversity
  • Requirements for sustainable forest management.
  • Responsibility for biological diversity and regrowth.
03. Inbound and outbound transport, Scope 3
  • Indirect impact through emissions of greenhouse gases from transport to and from our operations.
  • In dialogue with partners and transport suppliers, work for joint deliveries and hire a transport supplier with a clear sustainability strategy, including conversion from fossil fuels to biofuel.
04. The refinement process
  • High requirements for the necessary permits for the introduction of chemicals and handling of waste.
  • High demands on sustainable and renewable energy.
  • Direct impact through production emissions to air.
  • Indirect impact through the production's energy consumption and use of fire impregnation chemicals.
05. Stakeholders & transport
  • Gives the customer opportunities to supply the construction industry with fire-resistant wood products to reduce the climate footprint.
06. Downstream users
  • Expert information reduces material and construction errors.
  • The products from Woodsafe Timber Protection AB enable increased construction with wood and make a positive contribution to sustainable social construction.
07. Recycling
  • Enables transition to a circular economy based on renewable and recycled wood product for new installations.

Sustainability report 2020 (report for 2021 coming shortly)

You can browse the entire sustainability report from Woodsafe Timber Protection AB for 2020 below.
Do you want to download the report as a PDF? Click the download icon below the report!

Woodsafe Sustainability Report 2020