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Press Release. Woodsafe invests SEK 20M in increased capacity

The need for more housing has not disappeared despite the recession and war in Europe. Woodsafe is investing SEK 20 million in increased capacity starting in spring 2023. The investment includes, among other things, 2 special dryers from the world-leading wood dryer manufacturer Valutec AB. 

Woodsafe has big plans for the future and, just like Valutec, is a leader in its industry. That's why it feels extra fun to be a part of their continued expansion, says Robert Larsson, CEO of Valuec.

The two new chamber dryers, from Valutec, will increase our capacity many times over and are part of the expansion Woodsafe talked about earlier. I knew the company was planning new dryers in a few years but not in a few months, laughs Stefan Hedqvist, production manager and adds, I'm not surprised, this is typical Woodsafe style.

The decision to hire Valutec again as a supplier of the new chamber dryers was not a difficult decision. Our first dryer from Valutec was a bit of a gamble, but it showed very good results in increased capacity and drying quality. The two new chamber dryers are built with the same capacity as our first and will ensure multiple capacity to satisfy the market with durable fire-impregnated wood, concludes Thomas Bengtsson.

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