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Woodsafe is a refinement of the wood's natural properties against fire. The wood product that is treated becomes in symbois with the fire impregnation that forms the fire protection

This is important to understand because surface coating with fire protection paint, or varnish does not improve the woods fire protection properties.

When you choose Woodsafe you will always get 4-sided fire protection. This is just one of many advantages to choosing Woodsafe flame retardant wood solution.

Woodsafe fire protection can withstand the natural movements of the wood regardless of whether the product is used in an interior or exterior environment.

Fire protection usually tolerates wear and tear, no coatings or sensitive layers are formed such as crackles or fades in comparison with fire protection paint and -varnish.

You can choose from Woodsafe PRO™ that can be painted in a wide variety of paint and varnish systems for creative colouring, or choose Woodsafe Exterior WFX™ that is designed to not require any kind of surface treatment in the exterior environment. Let nature make its mark on the facade's impression instead.

If you do not have time to wait, Woodsafe Exterior WFX™ can be colored in grey, white, black or brown.

Contact the support department for more information about surface treatment.

Woodsafe FR-treatment benefits

  • In depth fire protection

  • The wood panel becomes fire resistant

  • Fire protection on all sides

  • Requires no additional fire protection

  • TG, CE, IMO certified product

  • Expertise support through premium partners

  • Proper documentation for final inspection

  • Does not increase corrosion

  • Maintains strength

  • Does not increase moisture absorption

  • Fire resistant properties

  • Unchanged structure and colouration

  • No leaching or salt leaching

  • No fouling caused by ammonium

Exterior WFX Technical brochure

The use of fire-protected wood in an exterior environment places high demands on the properties of the fire protection agent to withstand rain, cold, heat, etc. EN16755 EXT is a requirement for exterior application.

Woodsafe Magazine

Woodsafe Magazine is published twice a year and summarizes the latest news, trends, presents projects and discussion forums on the topic of fire protection of wood materials.

ISO 9001:2015

Woodsafe instructions, routines, quality assurance in production are quality assured in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 through notified body RISE (0402)


ISO 14001:2015

Woodsafes systematic sustainable environmental work is quality assured in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015 through notified body RISE (0402)