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Woodsafe's services are project-specific, which means that delivery time exists, only a few products are available in stock via partners. Woodsafe offers its services through partners and in an exclusive ALL-I-ONE concept, which means that it is these partners who determine the delivery time.

Regarding Woodsafe's services you always find the correct information on our website but regardless of what information we share with you and publish on our website there are always situations that affect the product and which are beyond our control.

For this very reason, we would like to highlight the following factors that may cause problems if you do not follow our instructions. If you have any doubts, concerns or questions, you are always welcome to contact our customer service +46 10 2067230 or helpdesk (at)

Material must be stored in original packaging until assembly.

Storage should be done flat and well raised (>100 mm from moist surface).

Storage is advantageous indoors, but outdoors in cold storage is also good.

Regardless of the environment, moisture conditions must always be checked, eg the risk of condensation / vapor formation under the wood plastic must be prevented as this moisture can expel the fire protection product due to the non-ventilation of the wood product and no possibility of drying in the package format.

Vapor formation can be created in environments where moisture penetrates the package, if the sun warms the package, as well as changing temperatures and ambient humidity.

Painting must be done in accordance with our fact sheet.

Treatment should not be performed in conditions where high humidity, strong sunshine, low temperature, dew and frost occur or in the vicinity of such a situation.

Remember, it is the paint's job to be compatible with the fire protection, not the contrary. Use of defective paint cannot result in the right to claim any damage allegedly caused by the fire protection product.

The execution with a control plan must always be displayed for review of the painting performance in such a situation.

There are lots of paint systems for wood, and not all paints are suitable to use even if you wish so.

Paint systems such as mud paint, iron vitreous, silicon based systems are not suitable for use. Manufacturer that is certified in system CEN/ts 15912 DRF EXT includes Engwall & Claesson and Teknos.

For current product/item number contact our support for more information.

Woodsafe PRO™ painted for exterior use looks like wood, that is, you can see the wood structure.

In cases where other actions occur on the same facade e.g fire protection paint next to Woodsafe PRO™, visual difference will be apparent as there are different systems.

The same condition applies to ammonium-impregnated products that must be painted in thick layers, they will also look dense in comparison to Woodsafe PRO™.

There are no special requirements for fitting material in relation to the industry recommendations.

Visible nail heads, fixing plates, etc. that can oxidise should always be painted so that these defects caused by the fitting material do not themselves create visual or practical problems.

Fitting materials such as nails and screws must be made of acid-proof stainless steel.

Tinplate or plating of other material e.g. aluminium or zinc should always have properties or protection to withstand acidic water (<ph5) which can be formed from wood such as cedar, heat treated wood, oak, and excess fireproofing material not fixed in the cell structure.

Woodsafe impregnated with Woodsafe Exterior WFX™ often consists of heat treated pine Thermowood D type, cedar, ceder chips and oak. These woods, but also other wood, contain tannic acid. When these substances are soaked by rain in combination with low pH values, discolouration can occur on sensitive materials or absorbent materials such as concrete.

There must be no drips on the facade and concrete socket, and the facade must be stainless steel or corrosion-treated.
Acid precipitation can create this phenomenon, which usually occurs only shortly after assembly but rarely occurs.

Contact the support department for more information.

Woodsafe provides a contract impregnation service to impregnate wood and plywood against fire.

The performance specified in the certificate is determined under specific execution and current test conditions. If changes are made in relation to certificates e.g. planing, sawing, sharing, assembly, painting, etc., the prerequisite and responsibility for performance is equivalent to the downstream user to ensure and take responsibility for.

Woodsafe Timber Protection are not liable for changes to the material as these changes are beyond our control. This is not unusual, this applies to all certified products regardless of the type of product.