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Support to you as a building contractor

Let us tell you about the requirements that apply to you when using flame retardant wood.
The authorities have made it easy for themselves, but hard for you. It is illegal for downstream users to use products covered by CE marking requirements but which are not CE marked according to a harmonised product standard.

But how do you know which requirements apply? The answer is available, but if you try to interpret the rules, it may be hard to understand the jungle of paragraphs and numbers that concern fire protection.

Tips from Woodsafe!
If you choose the prescribed product, you will not violate fire protection documentation, or contact Team Woodsafe and get the best and most relevant support in
flame retardant wood. We can provide fire protection, we know what is applicable and we have the documentation in order.

The Construction Products Regulation issues clear requirements to you as a downstream user. It is your duty under the regulation to ensure that the product has properties that conform to the requirements set in the current construction work.

But just because a product is CE marked does not mean that national building legislation requirements have been met, this is a completely different matter. As a builder, you are required to have knowledge of the Planning and Building Act (PBL 2010: 900). The wood product intended to be used is covered by several COMPULSARY REQUIREMENTS in PBL and BBR, which can be easily checked by type approval certificates, e.g. facade requirement SP-Fire 105 and durable fire performance EN-16755 DRF EXT.

If you do not have the ability to assess the performance of the product and state the requirements then you must surrender the responsibility to check performance to another person according to the EU Building Products Regulation. Not being able to judge performance in relation to using the product is a breach of the product requirements regulation.

Feels difficult?
Make it easy for yourself and contact our support team for expert support with the product (not a copy from BBR) or contact our premium partners for the ALL-IN-ONE concept where wood, quality, profiles, finishing, etc. are included.

When you choose Woodsafe ALL-IN-ONE, you choose a manufacturer that checks for certification and document delivery in connection with final inspection.

You will receive expert advice on the appropriate quality, profile and dimension of the wood intended to be used.

We provide you with tips and valuable advice that will facilitate your planning, we pack carefully and we deliver on time from our factory to the next stage.

When using Woodsafe flame retardant wood, you are working with a product that has deep fire protection on all four sides, a product that can be cut and measured, a product that can be sorted like regular wood for recycling or combustion, a product that can be handled in a normal working environment with normal protective equipment, etc.

But before you begin working and handling Woodsafe flame retardant wood, always read the fact sheets and instructions for combustion, recycling, storage, etc.

Questions and Answers

- No, we are aware that such a reputation has been spread from anonymous people/companies in Norway for the purpose of smearing the product.

A public statement from Koppers Performance Chemicals is available here.

- Yes, the product is evaluated in a variety of environmental systems that provide green light for use.

- Ask yourself the question: What is natural, what is organic?

The content of our fire protection products is made from raw material that is found naturally, but as a preparation for the combustion of other substances forms a preparation for effective fire fighting. Claims of being organic are propaganda and do not belong in such an important industry as fire protection.

There are operators who claim that their product is 100% organic, which is misleading because the active substance is inorganic (ammonium), the only thing that can be considered organic is the addition of <1% citric acid to control the pH.

- No, Woodsafe treated wood is not classified as a health or environmental hazard.

On the other hand, we recommend that your staff use conventional protective equipment for wood handling such as particle respirators, protective goggles to protect against the risk of chipping, gloves for protection against abrasion and splinters, etc.

- No special action is required. The product is impregnated, and a cutting surface does not affect fire protection properties in its entirety.

- You can treat it, but you will not get a good result. The feature being promoted will not be reflected on Woodsafe impregnated wood.

- No, read separate instructions for painting Woodsafe PRO™.

Keep in mind that Woodsafe Exterior WFX™ is designed not to be painted but can be stained with special oil, however it should not be coated.

- First of all, you must understand that only a few kinds of wood can be impregnated. Woods like spruce, larch, oak, cedar and several other woods can not be impregnated, which means that such statements are incorrect.

Through-impregnation itself is an old concept originating from Danish material requirements but which in essence is not meaningful according to current rules.

- Yes, our products are type-approved and CE-marked since 2008, -2009. Manufacturing is under manufacturing control from RISE (0402).

- You buy the product via premium partners according to the ALL-IN-ONE concept.

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Exterior WFX Technical brochure

The use of fire-protected wood in an exterior environment places high demands on the properties of the fire protection agent to withstand rain, cold, heat, etc. EN16755 EXT is a requirement for exterior application.

Woodsafe Magazine

Woodsafe Magazine is published twice a year and summarizes the latest news, trends, presents projects and discussion forums on the topic of fire protection of wood materials.

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