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"The safety of our employees comes before everything else. The most important work environment issue is to avoid injuries!"

Risk analysis

There are uncertainties in Woodsafe Timber Protection AB's operations that can have positive and/or negative effects on employee safety, stakeholders' expectations, the company's goals, brand and results. We have identified 6 risk areas: occupational injuries, emergency, materials, environment, legal requirements and corruption.

All risk areas are on the agenda with clear instructions for mapping and reporting back to management.

  • Identified serious risks are always reported to the CEO for immediate action.
  • Operational risks regardless of sudden or unforeseen disruptions are reported to the management team for action.
  • Risk management is our everyday life and preventive work and routines to avoid and reduce sudden unforeseen production disruptions are a priority, and are conducted through internal planning and control, as well as external review in collaboration with suppliers and insurance companies.

Work injuries


We have identified that manual handling to lift or carry is a burden. Force is required to perform work for any part of the body, such as muscles, tendons or joints, where injuries can occur. Lower back problems are common, but problems in the shoulders can also occur during manual handling. Our strategic objective is to streamline to a maximum of 15 kg heavy lifting in daily operations.



All workstations are risk-assessed and provided with clear work instructions and equipment for personal protection in the event of an emergency, as well as equipment in the event of leakage or fire. New employees always have the support of a sponsor when learning new or different work tasks. Our goal is zero tolerance for AJ accidents.



All chemicals are registered and risk assessed, where our employees have 24/7 access to the documentation. All chemicals are stored separately in a designated location and walled off to prevent release in the event of an accident or leak. Necessary personal protection is available for all stages and crisis situations.



Our fire retardants are not covered by the CLP regulation's responsibilities for environmentally hazardous goods. No emissions occur from our processes, to land or water. In our operations where chemicals are handled, there are no floor drains, and all operational areas are within a embanked safety zone.



All chemicals in our operations are approved within the EU and the REACH regulation, and do not require special licensing requirements. Our employees handle chemicals professionally in a risk-assessed environment. In our ISO 14001:2015 work, we monitor current legal requirements twice a year.



We choose our partners with the greatest care and we have zero tolerance for bribes, black labor, and we do not hire tax-burdened contractors. Every assignment is handled equally and no actor is allowed to go ahead of another actor, implicitly via payment.

Read more about gender equality

Read more about gender equality

Active work is required to achieve more equal entrepreneurship. Therefore, we have developed several policies, the purpose of which is to serve as a guiding document for Woodsafe. 

The road to equality is a process. An important part of this process is to integrate equality work in all areas in accordance with the principles established via our policies. Concrete strategies for the work should include the cornerstones of training, development work and follow-up. In the work to make visible and remedy the often different conditions and prerequisites of women and men, all employees must be involved.

Woodsafe's overall goal as an employer is to work for a working environment that gives women and men the same conditions and opportunities in professional life. Woodsafe must also promote participation and influence at work for both women and men.

What our policies cover:

What our policies cover:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Work environment policy
  • Psychosocial policy
  • Diversity and equality policy
  • Policy against sexual harassment
  • Personal data policy
  • Recruitment policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Drug and substance abuse policy
  • Conduct Policy
  • Salary policy
  • Rehabilitation policy
  • Environmental policy
  • Business travel policy
  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • IT policy
  • Remote work policy
  • Money Laundering Policy
  • CSR Policy
  • Behavior policy
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Courtship Policy