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Now there's a brand new fire & research center in Västerås Sweden

Woodsafe Research & Development AB (WRD) opens the doors to a new state-of-the-art fire and research center in Västerås, Sweden. For testing and development of fire-resistant wood.

In February 2023, Woodsafe Research & Development (WRD) broke ground on a state-of-the-art fire and research facility, with a mission to enhance the wood industry's ability to develop sustainable wooden products and system solutions against fire and climate impact. The WRD research center, an independent company within the Woodsafe Group, is a large-scale initiative there nothing is left to a chance.

- "It is a great privilege to be able to open the doors of a complete new fire and research center, which is the only facility of its kind for testing and development for sustainable and durable fire-resistant wood in Europe," says Thomas Bengtsson, founder of the Woodsafe Group.


It´s a big difference.

The WRD facility will help wood industry companies to efficiently develop and improve both new and old products and services, in a way that is currently limited. Woodsafe Research & Development's services are prepared to comply with European and international standards for testing and accredited laboratory activities according to ISO 17025. The range of services includes testing for fire class with SBI, cone calorimeter, small flame ignition, accelerated climate impact, QUV and more. A test field for outdoor ageing is under construction. The investment amounts to over € 2,100.000


- WRD will directly assist our customers in producing customized fire data for wood product systems. WRD will be our new contribution to the industry and enable architects, builders and others to make even more use of the design and sustainability benefits of wood with well-founded documented fire safety," says Thomas Bengtsson, founder of Woodsafe Group.



For more information, please contact

Thomas Bengtsson, CEO Woodsafe Group

+46 10 206 72 31.