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Woodsafe's WRD acquires Designtech Solutions

Västerås-based Woodsafe Group establishes itself in northern Sweden. The Group's research company WRD acquires Designtech Solutions AB in Luleå.

Woodsafe Group has long been a leader in fire retardant impregnation. To further consolidate this position, the Group recently started the research company Woodsafe Research & Development AB (WRD). Through the acquisition of Designtech Solutions, the new company will increase the competence and quality of its R&D operations.

- "It's very positive that we can strengthen our organization. Woodsafe has had a fruitful collaboration with Designtech for more than ten years and now we are moving forward with it by making them part of WRD", says Thomas Bengtsson, founder and CEO of Woodsafe Group.

Through the acquisition, Woodsafe Group will have its first local office outside Västerås - and that in northern Sweden, where a huge expansion of industries and projects is currently underway. This is an exciting development where fire-retardant impregnation will be an important element in many contexts. Bengtsson therefore sees the deal as an important strategic step:

- "This strengthens our competitiveness. We want to be closer to the market in the north where so much is happening, both to be able to establish new partners and to serve the existing ones in an even better way."

Designtech Solutions is a well-established consulting and product company, whose founder and CEO Patrik Svanerud is pleased to develop the relationship with Woodsafe:

- "It is great that our long-standing collaboration can be deepened in this way and look forward to starting the work on accreditation according to the ISO 17025 laboratory standard."

Svanerud has, among other things, defended his thesis in production cost optimisation for multi-storey wooden buildings, which is a good basis for the job as Deputy CEO of WRD. In Designtech Solutions, the business has included both a consulting part and a product part. Both parts are included in the acquisition, but Svanerud explains:

- "We will continue to take responsibility for all our old product customers within WRD as well. But we are now also initiating a process to find a buyer who can take over Designtech's products."



For more information, please contact:

Thomas Bengtsson, CEO Woodsafe Group

+46 10 206 72 31.


About Woodsafe Research & Development AB. (559410-6527)
The company's operations are focused on the testing and development of wood products with fire resistance properties and the development of wood systems outside the fire area. The company was founded in 2022 and is a wholly-owned private limited liability company within the Woodsafe Group.


About Deigntech Solutions AB (556578-3734)
Designtech Solutions AB is an IT company founded in 1999 with its own products and services for document and project management.
The company's own product goes under the brand name iCoordinator™. Designtech's customers are found in both the private and public sectors and the company has more than 20 years of experience in IT systems.