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As a wholesaler, commercial agent and construction company, you are expected by your client/customer to provide timely products with the appropriate quality and proper documentation according to the legal requirements that are imposed on the product and for the end use of the product.

As a distribution link between manufacturers and users, keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to delivering a special product like flame retardant wood. Appealing messages such as low price, fast delivery and the product being as good as the prescribed product, are some factors that you must be aware of.

Is that true?

But there are problems that, if possible, are even bigger and harder to figure out, what does the documentation look like, what documentation must I require from the supplier, etc.? The creativity of both creating documentation and displaying insignificant or incorrect documentation is very common phenomenon.

Make it easy for you just as we recommend builders.

Take a look at performance declaration, but keep in mind that the performance statement does not ensure compliance with construction law.

The only way for you as a wholesaler to act seriously with your customer and to feel safe in your choice of flame retardant wood is to offer type-approved wood products in parallel with the presentation of performance declaration.

Keep in mind that classification reports, fire tests, statements are not a certified document and can not therefore be the basis for procurement.

The same is true of any word certificate, as some operators themselves use homemade documents. A properly independent certificate is always displayed by bodies such as RISE (formerly SP).

If you choose to import a product from outside the EU, you are faced with a situation that is subject to the same requirements as a manufacturer, which means you must take responsibility for certification, inspection, documentation, etc.

Questions and Answers

- Everything.
A fire class and cheaper price does not in any way mean that the product is approved to use or suitable to use.

It is your duty under PBL and CPR to ensure equivalent properties on other products than the one prescribed.

- A combination of letters and numbers does not mean that the product is suitable and can automatically replace the prescribed product even if B-s1, d0 is manufactured. You must check the substrate, the density and thickness of the product, air gap or no air gap and so on.

We recommend that you consult an expert consultant or for the sake of speed, contact Woodsafe for an ALL-I-ONE concept.

- Unfortunately, Woodsafe fire protection is not green, it is transparent. However, if you are looking for fire protection from a health and environmental perspective, Woodsafe PRO and Woodsafe Exterior WFX are approved for use.

For more information, read under Sustainability.

- Of course, there may be equivalent products, but never rely on praise. Always request third party documentation from bodies such as RISE or its equivalent.

There are many empty promises on the market, just as there are home-made certificates that are completely without value.

- There are several hundred different substances that can be used for fire protection of wood, but only a few compounds are suitable for use in the exterior environment.

If your customer is to use flame retardant wood as a facade cladding or in a humid environment, always ensure that the fire protection device has certified properties according to EN-16755 EXT.

If you choose a product that has not been approved, your customer will be affected by complaints and the responsibility will fall back on you who have sold the product.

Exterior WFX Technical brochure

The use of fire-protected wood in an exterior environment places high demands on the properties of the fire protection agent to withstand rain, cold, heat, etc. EN16755 EXT is a requirement for exterior application.

Woodsafe Magazine

Woodsafe Magazine is published twice a year and summarizes the latest news, trends, presents projects and discussion forums on the topic of fire protection of wood materials.

ISO 9001:2015

Woodsafe instructions, routines, quality assurance in production are quality assured in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 through notified body RISE (0402)


ISO 14001:2015

Woodsafes systematic sustainable environmental work is quality assured in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015 through notified body RISE (0402)