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Plywood Euroclass B-s1,d0 indoor application

Wooden panel must be fire-impregnated to Euroclass B-s1,d0 with the brand Woodsafe, or by a brand with equivalent documentation. With equivalent documentation, the following characteristics must appear from the documentation:

  • Wood type and thickness
  • Mounting condition, with air gap
  • Background substrate
  • Associated documents for use and handling of the product
  • Performance declaration according to the construction product regulation, EN13986system 1
  • Type approval certificate according to ch. 8, 4 § 2 and 3 PBL, -Boverket's building regulations 2:2, 5:231, 6:21  
  • Utility class (suitability tested properties) EN16755 INT1, INT2

Tips and guidance:  
To facilitate product characteristics and documentation, Appendix-E and C can be used.