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Facade cladding SP-Fire 105

Wooden panel must be fire-impregnated to SP-Fire 105 with the brand Woodsafe or by a brand with equivalent documentation. With equivalent documentation, the following characteristics must appear from the documentation:

  • Wood type and thickness
  • Mounting condition, with air gap
  • Behind insulation type
  • Background substrate
  • Associated documents for use and handling of the product
  • Performance declaration according to the construction product regulation, EN14915 system 1
  • Type approval certificate according to ch. 8, 4 § 2 and 3 PBL, -Boverket's building regulations 2:2, 5:551 point -2, -3, -4, and 6:21
  • Use class (suitability tested properties) EN16755 INT1, INT2 and EXT*

Tips and guidance:

  • To improve product characteristics and documentation, Appendix-E and C can be used
  • Note: Depending on the country, additional indexes are used differently, for example Norway -s3 and Denmark -s2

* For cladding without surface treatment in an exterior environment, in addition to EN16755 EXT, the Wood Protection Association (WPA) classification Leach resistance (LR) is also recommended, which is based on the composition of the properties of the fire retardant.