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Now it is proven again

WOODSAFE® Exterior WFX™ fire impregnation provides a durable fire class for your wood panels without surface treatment.

Exterior WFX™ is a premium product to be trusted and fulfils the fire safety requirements for exterior cladding, without a protective coating, in line with the increasing fire requirements of insurance companies for wooden buildings and multi-storey houses.

In the shadow of increasing demand and use, doubts about the durability of fire protection have been raised by fire consultants and insurance companies. From the US, the world's largest market for fire-retardant wood, the message to the construction sector is.

Exterior WFX™ är en premiumprodukt att lita på och som uppfyller brandsäkerhetskraven för exteriör fasadbeklädnad, utan skyddande ytbehandling, i linje med försäkringsbolagens ökade brandkrav för träbyggnader och flervåningshus.



- "In my 31 years in the industry, I have never experienced that so many wood panels are accepted and used as facades in multi-storey buildings, even though the service class properties according to EN16755 EXT have not been proven. It should be a matter of course for all builders not to accept fire protection without fire durable properties, but this does not seem to be the case unfortunately. We see several examples that the market choose eco-labelling over consistent fire safety, which is to risk the safety of residents in, for example, higher buildings with big facades", says Thomas Bengtsson, founder of Woodsafe Timber Protection AB.

Exterior WFX™ is approved in probably Europes toughest environmental assessment systems in Sweden as Byggvarubedömningen and Sunda Hus so no compromise with fire requirements and environmental assessment needs to be made.

According to the latest testing, carried out and classified by RISE, approved properties were again proven, according to EN16755. Exterior WFX™ was subjected to hygroscopy test (moisture sensitivity test) and accelerated ageing including UV light and was fire tested before and after ageing according to the SBI method with maintained Euroclass B.

- "What is particularly pleasing is that the classification proved that Exterior WFX™ passed the criteria on a broader and more qualitative level. I am happy to explain more to those interested, so feel free to contact me", says Peter Johnson, Product and Development Manager at Woodsafe Timber Protection AB.


For more information please contact:

Peter Johnson, Product and Development Manager

+46 10 206 72 37.