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Woodsafe FR-treatment means you always get a product with 4-sided fire protection.

This is an advantage that should be taken into account when comparing Woodsafe with fire protection paintwork, which usually includes only 1 side or at best 3 sided protection.

Remember to install with air gap and thin wooden boards and perforated plywood where 4-sided fire protection is required, and in each drilled hole. As a buyer, calculator, calculation consultant or client, you must include this in your requirements calculation.

Woodsafe is invoiced by default with 4-sided fire protection, while fire protection paintwork is usually charged 1-sided per m2.

Price examples for Woodsafe fire treatment in relation to fire protection painting are presented to the right. The example price is calculated from a covering the width of 1000 mm (1m2) and an overall price of SEK 150 per m2, and the price comparison is presented in SEK per linear meter.

Note that the price (150 SEK/m2) does not reflect market prices, which can vary depending on the provider and the species of wood. This price example refers only to fire protection, not wood paneling or plywood board.

Questions and answers

Below you can see PayBack Time with Woodsafe PRO compared to Novatherm 2FR.

Source: Mälardalen University

Price calculator

Type of building:
Area of use:
Type of wood
Dimension - thickness (mm)
Dimension - width (mm)
Surface exposed to environment(m2)
How many layers of panel is it?
c/c spacing between panel boards layer 1
c/c spacing between panel boards layer 2
Alternative cost of painting (SEK/m2)
Number of running meters (m) per m3
Number of running meters (m) per m2 layer 1:
Number of running meters (m) per m2 layer 2:
Totalt number of running meters per m2 layer 1 and 2
Alternative 1 - WOODSAFE Impregnation
Number of running meters in the project
Estimated volume (m3)
Type of wood
Comparative price
Alternative 2 - Painting
Type of wood
Total painting area (m2)
Comparative price
Project cost summary
Savings with impregnation