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Woodsafe Timber Protection AB is Europe's largest processing link between the wood industry and building owners. We do what we are best at. We produce sustainable flame-resistant wood, nothing else.

For more than 30 years, we have been providing fire retardant services to the construction sector for sustainable communities built from forest resources. In collaboration with our partners, we are the market-leading manufacturer of fire retardant treated wood, with a strong focus on innovating for a sustainable future. We want to do our part for a sustainable society by producing fire-resistant wood, where the connection between urban life and nature creates harmony and serenity.

"Durable Fire Protection is our hero every day of the year. It seems that our lives depend on it. And it does. You'll see that when we unveil the largest single investment in WOODSAFE® history. Keep an eye out in our newsletter or visit the website often, the premiere is coming soon"

Thomas Bengtsson
Founder of Woodsafe group

We care about health & environment

  • WOODSAFE® - REACH-approved substances
    We comply with the requirements of REACH and national requirements such as the Environmental Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act in line with our ISO 14001:2015 certification.
  • WOODSAFE® - Not a chemical substance
    Our fire retardant treated wood product is not classified as a chemical substance
  • WOODSAFE® - pH balance with other systems
    Our fire-impregnated wood product is compatible with a variety of adhesives and paint systems.
  • WOODSAFE® - Does not affect metal
    International tests confirm little or no effect on industry-recommended metals for the type of wood in question
  • WOODSAFE® - Approved for indoor environment
    Extensive international testing verifies little or no impact on industry recommended metals for the wood species in question.
  • WOODSAFE® - Qualified and certified according to ISO 14001:2015
    Our production is CO2 SMART which means fossil-free fuels throughout the production process.
  • WOODSAFE® - Qualified and certified according to ECOVADIS GOLD
    Our sustainability work in the top 10% of The World's Most Trusted Business Sustainability Ratings

WOODSAFE PRO - CO2 SMARTTM the obvious choice of fire resistant wood for indoor and outdoor use.

Type approved? -Of course it is!


WOODSAFE WFX - CO2 SMARTTM with its unique polymer technology is the obvious choice for exterior facades without the need for painting.

Type approved? -Of course it is!


The need for knowledge has never been greater. With the increased demand and use of fire treated wood where knowledge is lacking, the WOODSAFE ACADEMY is the knowledge bridge you need to make the right decision on fire safety.

What we have to offer you is based on 30 years of expertise.

  • WOODSAFE® - Type-approved fire-resistant wood
    Meets building codes in BBR, PBL and the insurance companies' extended fire requirements for wood
  • WOODSAFE® - Type-approved facade cladding
    Fire class SP FIRE 105
  • WOODSAFE® - Type-approved durability property (EN16755)
    Durability of Fire Performance INT1, INT2, EXT
  • WOODSAFE® - CE marking and Declaration of Performance (CPR 305/2011)
    Europe's first manufacturer of fire-treated wood with CE certified properties
  • WOODSAFE® - Qualified and certified according to ISO 9001:2015
    Manufacturing control by third-party bodies (RISE) in accordance with the Planning, Building and Construction Act, CPR 305/2011, WPA Benchmark Quality Scheme
  • WOODSAFE® - Freedom to choose
    Choose between two different systems that are both CE marked and Type Approved


Fire-protected wood

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Environment Health Sustainability

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  • Let's talk about sustainability

  • Imagine something made of wood

Fire retardardant treatment

WOODSAFE® durable fire retardant treatment is a technique where the wood is placed in an autoclave which, under vacuum pressure, adds impregnation agents deep into the cell structure of the wood. The big advantage of fire impregnation is that all sides get fire protection properties, and that the wood becomes one with the impregnation, which makes the wood, the fire protection. This can be compared to fire painting which only forms a coating and surface layer, but which does not give the wood improved properties against fire.

WOODSAFE® fire impregnation PRO™ and Exterior WFX™ are type-approved systems with durable properties classified according to EN16755 INT1, INT2 and EXT (not to be compared with BS-EN16755). The refining process is industrial and cannot be carried out in the workplace. WOODSAFE® fire-protected wood is a special product that is manufactured to order via our partners.

Facts about the environment and health


Hello Architect, Did you know that...

Forest resources are a sustainable option in your drawings. WOODSAFE® has the solution to use wood and meet the fire requirements.

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Hello Developer, Did you know that...

It is you as the developer who has the main responsibility. If you rely on hired contractors, the final responsibility is still yours. Do you feel insecure?

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Hello Building contractor, Did you know that...

No builder likes delivery delays and product failures. In the rear view mirror with over 1200 unique projects per year, we know what applies.

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Hello Fire consultant, Did you know that...

Written fire rating is one thing, but wood is not like other building materials. It is a living material where the entirety of the system must be verified.

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Wood is not like other building materials. Wood is a living material where each individual type of wood has its own properties, even if each type of wood has the same requirements for fire properties for the application in question.

WOODSAFE® Academy is the knowledge bridge you need to get clarity on the combination of numbers and letters, which documents have actual meaning, how to assemble and, not least, what distinguishes different methods and fire impregnation agents. You get the answers at WOODSAFE® Academy.

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We are here for you and we are more than happy to help you. But there are many people who need help and answers to their questions, which means that we don't always have time to answer. To make it easier, please send us your question or questions via our email form, and we will respond to you within 48 hours or less.

Of course you are welcome to call, but be prepared that we may not have time, or be able to answer right then.

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If you want to take part in the latest news about WOODSAFE®, use images or the logo, you can visit our press room for the latest news, press releases, news and more.

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