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Hi! Nice that you're here! I can tell you a bit about us.

Woodsafe Timber Protection AB is Europe's largest intermediary between the wood industry and building owners. We focus on what we do best: producing sustainable flame-resistant wood, and nothing else.

For more than 30 years, we have been working on protecting wood from fire to build sustainable communities using materials from the forest. Together with our partners, we are at the forefront of manufacturing fire-protected wood, and we place a high focus on innovation for a better future. Our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable society by producing fire-protected wood that creates a harmonious connection between urban life and nature.

"SAFER LIVING is our savior in need every day, year-round. It feels like our lives depend on it. And they truly do. That's why we have invested in the very latest technology in our state-of-the-art fire lab. Safety for life and property is the cornerstone of our biggest investment ever in WOODSAFE® history. "

Thomas Bengtsson
Founder of Woodsafe group


For this very reason, fire protection has to work, you need to ensure that the brand of fire retardant you choose to use in your project fulfils the requirements of the long term resistance properties EN16755 EXT that ensure function over time. The easiest and, above all, the most reliable way to ensure long-term performance is to ask for the product's type approval certificate.
Anything else is a gamble! Is it worth it?

30 years of expertise.

  • WOODSAFE® - Type-approved fire-resistant wood
  • WOODSAFE® - Type-approved durability property (EN16755)
  • WOODSAFE® - CE marking and Declaration of Performance (CPR 305/2011)
  • WOODSAFE® - Qualified and certified according to ISO 9001:2015
  • WOODSAFE® - WPA Approved Treater

Sustainably produced electricity from our own solar power plant, CO2-neutral heat energy + fossil-free fuel handling during production make WOODSAFE® PRO the perfect choice for sustainable fire-resistant wood.

Of course, the product is covered by a type approval certificate, which means that the increased requirements of insurance companies for documented properties are met.


WOODSAFE® WFX is unique and the only fire retardant system in Europe with approved properties for outdoor use without the need for surface treatment according to EN16755 EXT.

We have worked for over 30 years with fire retardant treatment and we know what works and what doesn't.


WOODSAFE® PRO Green (WPG) is the result of extensive development of health and environmentally friendly fire-protected wood without the content of labelled hazardous chemical content.

WOODSAFE® WPG will be launched in conjunction with the Wood Products & Technology fair (Trä & Teknik) in Gothenburg on 3-6 September 2024.

  • WOODSAFE® facade makes the building

  • Let's talk about sustainability

  • Imagine something made of wood

Portfolio Projects

Hello Architect, Did you know that...

Forest resources are a sustainable option in your drawings. WOODSAFE® has the solution to use wood and meet the fire requirements.

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Hello Developer, Did you know that...

It is you as the developer who has the main responsibility. If you rely on hired contractors, the final responsibility is still yours. Do you feel insecure?

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Hello Building contractor, Did you know that...

No builder likes delivery delays and product failures. In the rear view mirror with over 1200 unique projects per year, we know what applies.

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Hello Fire consultant, Did you know that...

Written fire rating is one thing, but wood is not like other building materials. It is a living material where the entirety of the system must be verified.

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