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Ilussat Icefjord Centre

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Hello, let's tell you about us

Woodsafe is the European biggest processing link between the wood industry and the client. We manufacture durable fireretardant impregnated wood, nothing else.

For more than 20 years, Woodsafe has supplied fireproofing services to the construction sector for sustainable communities built from forest resources. In collaboration with our partners, we are the market-leading manufacturer of fire-impregnated wood products, with a strong focus on being innovative for a sustainable future. We want to do our part for a sustainable society by producing fire-resistant wood, where the connection between city life and nature creates harmony and calm.

"Woodsafe® creates a fire safety connection between urban life and nature, where I can see with confidence the development of sustainable wooden buildings today and for the future"

Thomas Bengtsson
Founder & Group CEO


Fire-protected wood

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Effective and versatile fire protection for interior and exterior applications, type approved according to legal requirements.


The market's only type-approved fire retardant system for natural aging according to the building code, SP-Fire 105 and EN16755 EXT


A knowledge bridge for those who want to know more about fire-protected wood, regulations and documentation.

Fire retardardant treatment

Woodsafe durable fire retardant treatment is a technique where the wood is placed in an autoclave which, under vacuum pressure, adds impregnation agents deep into the cell structure of the wood. The big advantage of fire impregnation is that all sides get fire protection properties, and that the wood becomes one with the impregnation, which makes the wood, the fire protection. This can be compared to fire painting which only forms a coating and surface layer, but which does not give the wood improved properties against fire.

Woodsafe fire impregnation PRO™ and Exterior WFX™ are type-approved systems with durable properties classified according to EN16755 INT1, INT2 and EXT (not to be compared with BS-EN16755). The refining process is industrial and cannot be carried out in the workplace. Woodsafe fire-protected wood is a special product that is manufactured to order via our partners.

Facts about the environment and health



Forest resources are a sustainable option in your drawings. Woodsafe has the solution to use wood and meet the fire requirements.

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It is you as the developer who has the main responsibility. If you rely on hired contractors, the final responsibility is still yours. Do you feel insecure?

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Building contractor

No builder likes delivery delays and product failures. In the rear view mirror with over 1200 unique projects per year, we know what applies.

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Fire consultant

Written fire rating is one thing, but wood is not like other building materials. It is a living material where the entirety of the system must be verified.

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Woodsafe Academy

Wood is not like other building materials. Wood is a living material where each individual type of wood has its own properties, even if each type of wood has the same requirements for fire properties for the application in question.

Woodsafe Academy is the knowledge bridge you need to get clarity on the combination of numbers and letters, which documents have actual meaning, how to assemble and, not least, what distinguishes different methods and fire impregnation agents. You get the answers at Woodsafe Academy.

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Customer service

We are here for you and we are more than happy to help you. But there are many people who need help and answers to their questions, which means that we don't always have time to answer. To make it easier, please send us your question or questions via our email form, and we will respond to you within 48 hours or less.

Of course you are welcome to call, but be prepared that we may not have time, or be able to answer right then.

   010 - 206 72 30

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If you want to take part in the latest news about Woodsafe, use images or the logo, you can visit our press room for the latest news, press releases, news and more.

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